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 Beijing GICOM Network Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 1998, with abundant registered capital, it is a hi-tech enterprise which studies IT development. The company's business is mainly focused in the following two areas:

•Development of utility software and system integration and service in banking, postal savings industry;
•Service and products with secure identity identification;

Based on the advantage of advanced technology, the deep understanding to clients' demands and excellent ability of market promotion, the company has developed many products in the above areas and has carried out scores of programs and projects and has built a very good image and also accumulated many experiences of successful examples, and created many key personnel, project and technology artisan with sophisticated skills and comprehensive services.nbsp; 


Objectives of the company
Gather high-quality talent, create value for our clients and improve the competitive ability about products and service for clients and GICOM Netwok. 

Company's idea
Honesty: the foundation of the company to operate and do business, and is also our principle;
Strength: it is the requirement and the condition for development and a person to survive:
Individuality: it is the reason for the company to exist and the goal we pursue, and the target we fight for.

Operating principles
High efficiency: the operating performance of the company. Only the company with high efficiency can control the operating cost, and is really competitive.

Opening up: the way in which the company develops. Only the opening-up company can keep a sustainable development and has enough space to grow.

Order: the principle of the company's organization. Only an organized company can develop stably and be truly high-effective and open.