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Product type:SDK02-3

Product Picture:
Product advantage:
 High strength dual factor authentication solution
 Has the user independent changes in seed key function, high safety
 Application environment required by Mobile phone banking, Bank of television, the best solution.
 The water proof ability
 Reliable, sturdy structure design
 Product thickness:thin
Product characteristics:
 Challenge response mode, has the function of PIN
 Time compatible mode
 Support for a variety of domestic and foreign algorithm, algorithm variety
 Seed key user-defined deformation, and power-down protection
 A waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof characteristics
 A variety of key technology, long service life, good hand feeling
Product specifications:
 Operation parameters can be customized according to customer requirements
 Multiple kernel chip implementation scheme
 Customer orders the structure and print logo
 Choose from 3, 5,8 years products.