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  Since the date of creation, Jocomnet put importance on the construction of the service system and paid attention to the cultivation of service team, and always adhered to product and service both the business principle.

  After more than 10 years of development, Jocomnet has established the perfect service system set all over the country; and has established the company headquarters and training center and remote maintenance center; training and training a contingent of skilled, experienced, have enterprise technical services team

  Jocomnet will take" continuously improve customer satisfaction" as the goal, to" sincere, professional and efficient " service quality policy, and will take ISO9001 service as standards, and constantly improve the service system and improve the service means, build first-class facilities, first-class train service team, to provide customers with more quality services.

1 hotline advisory services
A customer center, with experienced senior service engineer to answer and deal with the customer application consulting.
Beijing headquarters: 010 - 62963311 400-650-9259

2 online services
Users who can access the Internet can also check our absolute technical service column, in our technical service column with client application case, the new technology to improve the operation, troubleshooting and other rich content.
3.E-mail fax service
By sending E-mail and fax services.
Fax:    Fax:010-62963313 


4 rapid field service
Provide on-site service, troubleshooting.